1. Click Register / Registration. 

2. Make a payment Registration / month SPP first installment of USD 100.
      - From High School / Diploma to Bachelor costs total of USD 1700 graduate in 3.5 years.
      - From Bachelor to Master degree costs total of USD 2700 graduate in 1.5 years.
      - From Master to Doctoral degree costs total of USD 7000 installment of USD 1000 / term graduate in 2.5 years
      (not including the cost of graduation)

      Transfer to account of PT. QIA Solution Bank Mandiri 1660000290254

3. Email requirement to
       - Entry Form Registration.
       - Scan previous Diploma and Transcript.
       - Scan ID and photograph.
       - Evidence of the first month of transfer fees.

     All of the above requirements, especially Copy legalized original stamp
     MANDATORY via Express Mail Post to:
         Mr. Muhammad Irfan Wahyutama
         Jl. Mustika no 18 RT 04/11 Cawang Atas
         Kel Bidaracina - Jakarta Timur 13330
         Phone: 085777573364, 082299411547

4. We will approve your registration after receiving the email above requirements.

5. We will send via email and post, Certificate Students and Student Card.

6. Login and click Manage Course. Click "Register" on the course followed.

7. Follow the course according to applicable regulations in selected universities.

8. Create a paper for each course per semester, according "Guide to Make Paper".

9. After fulfilling graduation requirements, follow the appropriate graduation schedule.

10. You will receive a Diploma and Transcript about a month after graduation.

... Congratulations, you've earned your dream ...



Lectures system imposed by your chosen Campus is a Class Employees.

You belong to the Study Group under the guidance of Mr. Agung Martono.

Flexible class schedules, can choose courses in the early afternoon, evening and night and Saturday morning-afternoon.

If you can not attend face to face lectures, can be replaced by Class Online and paper tasks.



For each Subject, make Paper which contains 3 chapters.

The title page contains topics, Subject, Name student, Student ID, and Universities.

Chapter 1 contains theory and formulation of the problem in accordance lecture material.

Chapter 2 provides a case study of a company / product.

Chapter 3 contains conclusions and suggestions for improvement / solution to the problem.

The total number of pages 5-20 pages.



- The size of A4 paper.

- Margin normal.

- Free Font type, Size 12.